May 2017 Newsletter

Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Coates




First and foremost we would like to begin the May newsletter by thanking all of you.  To all the parents that attended our field trips, our parties, and donated items to help make our events a success.....Thank You!  To our parents that were able to spare some time to lend their talents to the Art Masterpiece program........Thank You!  A special Thank You to Devon Schmidt for keeping us up to date and on task on all things PTO and Art Masterpiece related.  Your reminders helped our year run smoothly!    


The theme for the month of May is fun!  We have completed our alphabet program and our units and now plan to revisit some of the projects that we did not have time for during our busy year.  Our journal entries will continue this month with an Alphabet Buffet theme.  We will be dividing up the letters and days and assigning a letter to each child.  On your assigned day we would like you to send in a food that begins with your letter—just enough of the food so that each child can have a taste.  We will then enter the foods in our journals as pictures and words.  More information on this activity will follow.


On Friday, May 12th  we will be having a Parents Day Tea.  This will give you an opportunity to sit in on our circle time and give the children an opportunity to show off the many things they have learned this year.  We will also present you with their  Alphabet  Book  at this time.  We will finish up with ice tea/juice boxes  and cake  – it should only take about an hour for those of you planning your work day, roughly 9:15 - 10:00.  Please let us know if your child will not be attending this event, it will help with placement in our formations!


Last, but not least, the end of the year party is being held on Friday, May 19th .

At this time, we have no chairperson for this event, but we do have about four mothers that have shown  interest in participating.  Please familiarize yourself with the attached calendar for other events happening in May!

Have a safe, happy, wonderful summer!


Warmest regards,

Pam Harmon & Barb Coates