Preschool 4's


We would like to welcome you and your child to our Benchmark Preschool class and to thank you for entrusting your child to us. We know how very precious they are to you and in no time they will be a huge part of our lives as well. We are looking forward to a very exciting, fun filled year.


Our morning will include circle time, art projects, centers, healthy snacks, playground time and stories based on the themes we are exploring. On Mondays we will have PE, on Wednesdays we will have Science Lab, and on Fridays music!


In August, we will be getting acquainted and establishing our classroom routine. We will learn what it means to be a good citizen in our classroom and how to use our manners to create a pleasant learning environment for all. Celebrating the Olympic Games and learning about our 5 Senses will round out our month!


Here is some basic information that might be helpful for you.


Signing in & out: There will be a sign in & out sheet just outside the door. It is very important you sign this every day. This is a state requirement and the signature must be legible.   Please be prompt at your designated pick-up time as to afford the teachers their necessary time to prep for incoming afternoon classes. A fee will be assessed for late pick-up.


Arrival: Class starts at 9:00 a.m. Please arrive promptly so we may take attendance and proceed with our daily activities. A quick good-bye is usually the most effective way to give your child confidence that you are comfortable in leaving them in our care.


Lunches & Backpacks: All preschool lunches will be kept refrigerated in the kitchen. Lunch boxes must be soft sided. Benchmark will again be offering a daily hot lunch program. Order forms will be sent home each month in your child's backpack. Please note that we are unable to microwave any lunches. Every child needs a backpack every day. Medium size is great. Label lunchboxes and backpacks with both first and last name visible on the outside. This is extremely helpful!





Clothing: In case of spills or accidents, please send an extra set of clothing (pants, shirt, socks & underwear) in a labeled Ziploc bag the first day. Keep in mind that your children will be using the bathroom primarily by themselves, so plan for their success. Please work with your child on zipping and snapping their own clothes. For your child’s safety, rubber soled tennis shoes are required for climbing on playground equipment and P.E. Otherwise, some restrictions will apply due to safety precautions. In addition, please label items such as jackets and sweaters.


Toys: Toys from home are not permitted at school. It is acceptable for children to bring in toys if it pertains to “Letter Bag” or “Share Bag”.



Birthdays: You are welcome to bring in store bought treats for your child’s birthday. Treats will be served during our morning snack time. It would be helpful to us if all treats could be the same flavor & color and not enormous in size. If you are having an off campus party for your child, invitations can be distributed in the classroom only if every child is invited. If not, please send through the mail.


Field Trips: We always need drivers for our various field trips. Sign-up sheets will be provided at open house and throughout the year. Driving requirements for field trips will be determined at the time of the field trip.


Newsletters & Calendars: You will receive a calendar and newsletter from us each month. We will inform you of all that will be happening in our class. Items to be sent in and things to remember will be listed there. You may also view the newsletter on the website.



We are excited about working with you and watching your child grow!




Benchmark Preschool 4's Teachers


Items to bring in: 2-4 non-returnable photos of your child with family, pets, vacation, holiday, etc. for their snack placemat. ASAP please!!!