Welcome to May, our last month of school. I hope that everyone has big plans for their summer vacation. In April we visited the dry grasslands of the savannah and discovered new facts about some of our favorite animals. In May, we get to cool off and get wet under the ocean. We have transformed our rooms to look like we are hanging out under water. Come and have a look. The whole feel of the room is cool and relaxing, just what we need when the weather outside starts getting hotter.


On May 10th we will start our ocean group rotations. The students will learn about whales and dolphins, mythical sea creatures, sharks, and jelly fish. The students are also pitching in to help teach us about sea animals by researching an animal of their choice and giving us some facts. We will also be getting goldfish into the room. It is a lot of fun watching the fish swim around in our little pool. If they are allowed, each child will bring home a fish at the end of the year.


With the weather getting warmer, please remind your child to drink plenty of water and to wear sunscreen.


Some days to remember:

May 6th –Art Masterpiece

May 22nd – Kindergarten Social. The Kindergarten class will put on a small                                         program. It will start at 8:15 a.m.


May 23rd - Class party. We will have our party after lunch, from 12:30 pm to 2:30

                 p.m. The party planners will be looking for volunteers to help that day.

               Please look for further information.


May 24th – Last day of school. There will be early dismissal, 11:30 am. Report

                 Cards will go home on that date. There will be no after school care.


It has been a great year! Have a great summer.