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Writing work to do at home!

Hi there,
Hope this email finds you all healthy and enjoying this time with your family as much as possible. I miss your students and hope that we can all be together again soon!
In the meantime, I am working alongside the Benchmark administration and staff to create meaningful lessons that can be done from home. I would love for the students to spend some time each day writing, but their is no workload expectation for this week. I have found the following resources and activities to be ones your students might find interesting:
This prompt is cute for those with a pet:

Tell the Story of Your First Pet from the Perspective of Your Pet (Writing Prompt)
Think back to the time you got your first pet. Maybe you got a playful puppy or a scrappy old rescue hound or a retired racer. Maybe you got a curious kitten or a moody old cat. But that pet changed your world forever. Now, tell this story from the perspective of the pet writing a journal of the first few days in your new family. What do you ...
Here is another fun one:

Invent an Underwater School (Writing Prompt)
Transcript: A team of marine biologists have invited you to help design the first ever underwater school. Okay, actually fish spend their entire lives in schools. But this will be the first underwater school for humans What type of student would attend this school? Where will it be located? How will students get to the school? What will ...

A fun game you can play as a family: Attached are some kid-friendly Would You Rather Questions. Play a dozen or so questions as a family and then have your student pick a topic from one of the questions as their subject for an opinion paragraph. For example: would you rather eat no dessert for a year, or eat ice cream after every meal for a year? Explain your reasons.
If you would like to spread some cheer to our community, one of our Benchmark families owns a nursing home. Their residents are currently unable to see visitors, and would love a handmade card or letter. One of the standards for grades 4-6 is proper 'friendly letter' format. If your student would like to practice that skill, please find the format and a helpful template attached. If you do write a note or letter, I would love to see a picture! The address is Vitality Assisted Living, 8223 W. Monte Lindo Lane, Peoria, AZ 85383. You can find more assisted living centers in need of some correspondence at Handwriting these notes is mentally beneficial for both your student and the recipient.

Box Full of Letters
We've compiled a list of people, many of whom are in assisted-living feeling especially isolated because of COVID-19, who would love to hear from you. We hope the correspondence will be mutually beneficial during this trying time.

One of the best ways your student can spend some time is on This is a great opportunity to flex those finger muscles and get prepared for the heavy digital workload expected in middle school. Their username and password are taped inside their planner. If you cannot find it, please email me and I can send it to you.
Keep a Quarantine Journal. Surely this will be an interesting time of their lives to look back on. Dig out an old composition book and let your student decorate it with pictures from magazines that reflect their thoughts and feelings. Encourage them to write their activities and thoughts for each day.
As has been reiterated by our administration, spend this week loving on your kiddos. This is a trying time for all. Writing is a wonderful way to escape or release some of their feelings, but none of these activities should add stress to your day.
5th and 6th Grade Parents - your students are proficient in using Google Share and can share work with me or ask me questions at 4th Grade Parents - until their Google accounts are active, your students can share work or ask me questions at this email.
Please let me know if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns. I'm here for you!
We can do this!
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