Second grade parents,
Here are some recommendations from your teachers on things that would be useful to do academically during this extended break:
1. Read! We will be sending home AR passwords so you can take comprehension quizzes from home. Be looking for that information soon!
2. Superkids Online. Practice fluency, play games, practice spelling words.
3. Practice math facts. This includes mental math, multiplication (x2,x3,x4,x5,x10) and division as well.
4. Journal 5 sentences about your day.
5. Practice correcting sentences. Look for misspellings, capitalizations, punctuation mistakes (Ask your child about DLR. We do it every morning!)
6. Draw pictures and write a story to go along with that image.

Here are some links you may also like:
2. (Interact with your classmates and answer math questions to maneuver through the game. Enter Class code: 687958)
3. Pinterest of course! 

We are thinking of you!

Your Second Grade Team