January Newsletter

Jan. 2     School Resumes

Jan. 11     Report Cards

Jan. 21     No School/M.L.K. Day

The students will start memorizing our fifty states and capitals. We start out with ten the first week. Each week following we add five more to our memorization list. The routine is as follows: on Wednesday students copy the new five states and capitals in their planner first thing in the morning and put these states and capitals on flashcards which they should be studying daily. On Monday they take a matching states/capitals test of all that have been learned thus far. Tuesday, they take a map test where they must know the location of each state and its corresponding capital of all that have been learned thus far. Please make sure your student is studying and is prepared each week for both tests.

Report cards go home January 11. Make sure you sign the report card and return it with the envelope.

Our Lake Powell field trip will be May 9 and 10. The cost of the trip is $350. If you made a tax credit, then your child is paid in full. Any other tax credits that were made less than $350 before December 31, 2017, will also be deducted from your child’s cost.

We are also in need of chaperones for this trip. A form will be sent asking for parents who are interested in chaperoning. We may not be able to take everyone as we need a certain amount of male and female adults to accompany the number of boys and girls we have in addition to having a limited amount of hotel rooms. Keep in mind that same gender parents have to accompany the students. The cost for adults is also $350; however, tax credits only apply to students.

Finally, thank you to all our parent helpers who helped put on our holiday party. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are also truly grateful for all the holiday cards and teacher gifts we received. You all are so thoughtful and generous and we appreciate our wonderful students and families at Benchmark!


The Fifth Grade Teachers