First and foremost, we want to extend our sincere hope that your families and friends are well in this trying time. There will be many different opportunities for your child to learn, and we will do all that we can to provide structure and guidance during our closure.
The week of March 23-March 27 will be a transitional time. We really want families to take this time to reconnect with the most important things. As with everything, this can be educational. Please use these suggestions to avoid cabin fever, and to flex that brain!
• Read a book. Self-selected print books are especially helpful, as these do not require any wi-fi connection or bandwidth!
• Listen to an audio book.
• Read an article online about a topic that interests you.
• Journal your experiences.
• Write a story.
• Write a letter.
• Work on your ALEKS pie.
• Help with cooking, as there is a lot of math involved with measurements. Practice converting recipes into a different unit. Or find out how much of each ingredient you would need to serve a party of 5 or 10.
Social Studies
• Find a world map and visit another country, via Google Earth.
• Mosa Mack Science:
• Monterey Bay Aquarium has several live cams where you can watch various animal species.
• Watch a nature documentary through YouTube, Disney Plus, or Netflix
• “Make” Facebook Page will be posting daily, free art tutorials is offering a free virtual Art Gallery
• “Art for Kids Hub” YouTube channel has drawing tutorials, including one for Baby Yoda.
Physical Activity
• Create an exercise routine (add a set per day) for example, walk up and down the stairs 10 times, 50 sit ups, 20 push ups, 100 jumping jacks)
• Go for a walk or hike outside. Bring your dog.
• Consider making it a goal to go outside at least once a day. This can even be to just your backyard or patio. Maybe eat a meal outdoors, or have a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider. Listen to the birds and breath fresh air, and take a moment to be calm.
Next, it is important that your child gets familiar with their accounts (user name, passwords, etc.) for Accelerated Reading (AR), ALEKS, and Benchmark Gmail ( Chris Krause is sending us student user info as well. We will be building an online curriculum through these programs. A Google Classroom invite has been sent to your child's email account. Please have them accept this invite as a way to communicate with their teachers and their classmates. The Google Classroom class code for 6A and 6B is:
Be sure to also check out updates on the student portal through the school's website:
In the event of an extended closure, the following websites would be examples of what to expect for your child's distance learning:
Pearson Realize
Khan Academy
Core Knowledge Social Studies Resources
100 Prompts and Story Starters
Kate Messner Resources

We are wishing you and your families well. These are challenging times,and we are here to support your child the best we can. We hope to see you all very soon. It has been an amazing year growing and learning as a Benchmark family, and we know that together we will be able to adapt and learn as we fact these times as a team. Thanks again for your patience with all of this. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
-Sixth Grade Team