SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER
Hello parents and Benchmark families! While we may be getting closer to cooler weather, 6th grade curriculum is heating up in the month of September!
We continue to promote “treasuring history” in reading and writing, with many themes that touch on ancient civilizations of the world. Much of our literature for September, such as The Egypt Game and You Wouldn’t Want To be Cleopatra, is set in Ancient Egypt. This month, students will write a story through the perspective of a powerful pharaoh!

In mathematics, we move from our introduction to algebra to our study of 3-dimensional shapes. Students will learn methods of recognizing depth and perspective when observing geometric shapes. These skills will prepare them for geometry courses in high school and beyond. We will also end the month of September by introducing key concepts in ratio and proportion.

September is also an exciting month in social studies. We will discuss how anthropologists and archaeologists research prehistoric cultures. By outlining the struggles of Neolithic peoples, students will contrast and compare with their own 21st century lives. We will also research societies that have existed since before the advent of writing and continue to thrive today. This will be an excellent introduction to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, China, and India.

Our science curriculum is explosive! In September, we continue discussing the dynamics behind plate tectonics, with attention on volcanic activity and the Earth’s core. In addition to this, we will also be identifying and discussing major temperate zones throughout the world. These lessons extend some of the important ideas learned throughout the month of August.

The field trip to Biztown has been moved to December 6th. We will make sure to notify parents of any updates. We also have several fundraisers for Catalina Island that are coming up as well.
Once again, thanks to all Benchmark parents and the support we get from you! We couldn’t do it without you!