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Benchmark is a school founded by teachers who are dedicated to providing your child with a foundation for life. The teachers are willing to work as long as it takes until each child finds his or her rightful potential. We encourage excellence and strive to give the children skills that will never rust, tarnish, or go out of style... Knowledge is forever.

“Together we must become the parents of progress, the source of creativity, the designers of opportunity and the sculptors of human destiny. We all have a stake in the American dream.” (Marva Collins)
Since its inception, Benchmark has set the standard for core knowledge, individualization and project-based learning.  It is the first school in the United States to promote singapore Math and has been named one of the Top 25 charter schools nationwide on the Global Report Card.  Benchmark is uniquely known for sensorial hands-on teaching methods and ability grouping for reading and math.  Many of our students graduate to technological and engineering based programs,with the majority entering into honors programs.