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Greetings Friends of Benchmark,


In 1998 the dream became a reality.  Driven by the convictions of several hearty souls who cared deeply about the growing need to provide a solid foundation for our children, Benchmark School was launched, and a new learning community was born.  Twenty-five years later, a veritable  “benchmark” (standard) has been established in elementary education.  


From its team-teaching model (two full-time professional teachers per classroom) to its experiential learning approach (hands-on Science Lab and Makerspace), Benchmark quickly emerged as an industry pacesetter. From its nationally acclaimed Core Knowledge curriculum to its phonics-based literacy program and Singapore mathematics, it is no surprise that a Benchmark education became one of the most coveted learning experiences in the Valley.


Tradition begets legacy, and Benchmark embodies both.  Moreover, those vital relationships between our parents, teachers and students make it poised to set the standard of academic quality and excellence. 


As former US Secretary of Education William Bennett maintained, an elementary education is the most important in a child’s life. A sustained commitment, therefore, and long-term investment will result in not only a remarkable journey but a life-changing adventure! 


If Benchmark is your school of choice, it will be one that your child will never forget, and you will never regret.  


Warm regards,

Brian Schroeder


Benchmark School