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Parent Expectations

Parents will:
· Be sure children get 8-10 hours of sleep and are on time to school
· Read to or listen to their child read daily
· Provide a quiet area to study and assistance when necessary
· Provide necessary resources and materials
· Offer praise and encouragement
Parents will monitor the child’s school progress by:
· Read and return notes from the school personnel in the student's planner
· Monitor homework for completeness
· Inform the school of changes in emergency contact information
· Routinely contact your child’s teacher
· Attend school conferences, Open House, etc.,
· Volunteer when possible in the classroom
• When you ask a question while your child is working on a learning activity, wait for your child to 
  respond. If you rush to supply the answer, you’re sending the message that you don’t think your
  child can answer. A longer “wait time” may communicate higher expectations and,
  therefore, increase student achievement.
• Avoid comparing brothers and sisters.
• Treat all of your children equally and with respect
You can help your child develop that “can do, want to do” attitude by:
• Showing your child how to set specific goals.
• Teaching your child to handle a challenge by breaking it up into smaller parts.
• Talking about school every day during family time.
• Only providing praise when it’s deserved.
• Emphasizing progress made by pointing out any improvements.
• Displaying your children’s achievements on the refrigerator or in a visible location.
Parents’ expectations are the greatest predictors of their children’s achievement, relationships, and ultimate success.