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Ways to Help

# 1 Please consider donating your tax credit to Benchmark. 
If you are not available during the day
  • Collect Box Tops
    Clip then glue to 10/page or 50/page collection sheets (get blank sheets from teacher). Give collection sheets to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Reward for every sheet submitted!&
  • Set up before &/or Clean up after PTO events.  
  • Find business partnerships to donate funds or goods to help support our school.
  • Come to PTO meetings once a month! Your voice will make a difference.
If you are available during the day
  • Volunteer for Art Masterpiece or Reflections Programs.
  • Shelve library books.
  • Help whenever requests for help are needed.
  • Ask your child’s teacher if he/she could use help in the classroom.
  • Cut and Chat one morning a week! Help teachers with their prep work.
Time poor?
  • Donate drinks or snacks for class parties or PTO events
  • Shop at Fry’s after linking your shopping card to Benchmark. See the fundraising page for more information.
  • Sponsor an Event