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Classroom Liaison's

If contact information is not available below, please visit the school's Online Directory.
Preschool 3's: Libby Dains
Preschool 4's: Ashley Cole
Kindergarten: Jenna Whitteaker
1st Grade: Erin Swietlik
2nd Grade: Laura Sexton
3rd Grade: Gina Montion
4th Grade: Christina Mehlhorn
         Phone: 602-369-9162
5th Grade: Angie Legge
6th Grade: Maribel Lerma
What does a classroom liaison do?
Attends PTO meetings each month to take notes and emails a summary out to their classroom parents.
Manages respective grade's Facebook page.
Assists teachers with various activities and correspondence.
Helps the yearbook contact with uploading pictures throughout the year.