February 2019 Newsletter

Ms. Gina & Ms. Sydnee’s Preschool 3’s


 Who are the people in your neighborhood...the people that you meet each day! During February, we will be meeting as many of them as we can! Our busy little friends will be learning about firefighters, police officers, nurses, chefs, scientists, veterinarians and other important community helpers. You never know who might stop by! This is a very exciting month and the children will be very busy!


We would like you to know how much we enjoyed conferences last month. Spending time with the parents of our students was awesome! Now we know you better, too. We hope that we answered all your questions, but feel free to contact us about anything else you would like to discuss. 

The week of February 4th – 8th is VIM week (Very Important Male). This is our fun time for Dads (and other important male influences) to come in and have lunch with their kids. The children love it when Dad comes in to spend time with them. Or even bring them lunch from their favorite restaurant. You can have lunch in the classroom or go outside to the picnic tables! Time spent with your children is never wasted and they LOVE it!


Our class Valentine’s Day party will be Wednesday, February 13th from 10:30am - noon. As always, we can use some help putting together the gala affair. We will put out the sign-up sheet on the cart soon. FYI – if your child is planning on bringing in Valentines for their classmates, it is easier for us to have you just put your child’s name on all of them and not specifically address them. We now have 18 students. Remember, the more help at this party, the merrier.


Now for a few housekeeping notes…with this beautiful weather we are spending more time outside. As a reminder, preschoolers should only wear closed-toed shoes, preferably with socks. Especially on Fridays (we now have PE on Fridays).


Thank you again for letting us spend this time with your children. We are truly enjoying our class and are looking forward to an exciting second half of the year!


Important dates to remember:

February 1st                 Art Masterpiece (we can always use a few extra helping hands!)

February 4th – 8th        Benchmark’s Annual VIM Week (come and hang out with your children!)

February 13th                  Our Valentine’s Day Party 10:30am - noon

February15th               Early Release at 11:30am – NO LUNCHES, NOONCATS OR AFTERCARE!

February 18th              No School for President’s Day


Ms. Gina & Ms. Sydnee