AUGUST 2019
                                        MRS. HULL AND MISS BRITTNEY
A new school begins with a class full of shining new stars. We are excited to begin a year of fun filled activities. As three-year-old’s learn best at their own pace, we will encourage each child’s special talents and individuality. Our August theme will allow the children to discover the wonders of All About Me. Making new friends, getting acquainted with other classmates, and learning how to navigate without mom and dad will all be part of the adventure.
ARRIVAL- The children will line up outside the classroom on the colored tape and the teachers will open the door for class to begin. During the first few weeks, some children may have separation problems. We encourage all parents to bring their child to class promptly at 9:00am, give them a kiss, hug, and then leave. If your child has a separation problem that continues beyond a normal time, we will certainly call you.
SIGNING YOUR CHILD IN AND OUT IS A STATE REQUIREMENT- There will be a cart outside the classroom door with the “sign in” book. This is where you will sign in/out your child each day. You will also fill in the space telling us when you are planning to pick up your child. Your full signature is needed. NO INITIALS please.
MORNING CARE- Free morning care from 8 to 9am is available to siblings of elementary students. Other families interested in paid morning care should register in the office. The playground is closed to all students not in our morning care program before school. Therefore, it is necessary to stay with your child until the classroom door opens.
BACKPACKS- We would like each child to have a FULL-size backpack so that our daily papers and projects find their way home. It would also be helpful if your child’s lunch box is a soft -sided one since we do put them in the school’s refrigerator until lunch. Please make sure that all backpacks and lunch boxes are clearly marked with your child’s first and last name.
CLOTHING- Please bring a change of clothes (including socks) in a labeled Ziploc bag. We will keep the change of clothes in the classroom in case of accidents. Be sure to dress your child for active and messy play. For safety reasons, sneakers and socks are the appropriate footwear.
DISMISSAL- Class ends at 12:00. Please be prompt when picking up your child and remember to sign out.
When someone other than the parent or regular caregiver is picking up your child, please tell us AND give the office a note of authorization. It is also helpful to put a note on the sign in sheet. Be aware that ID will be required for this individual.
LUNCH- Lunch time for those children staying for Nooncats is at 12:00. All lunches are refrigerated. Please put your child’s lunch box in the cart below the Sign In book. Please try to provide a healthy lunch for your child and remember not to send too much in their lunch box as they tend to talk and not eat.
EXTENDED DAY- Benchmark requires 24-hour notice for our extended day program (Nooncats) which runs from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. The office handles registration for this.
BIRTHDAYS- Birthday snacks and celebrations are encouraged. If your child would like to share a snack with the class on this special day, please let us know so that we don’t have two celebrations on the same day.
WATER BOTTLES- If your child chooses to bring one to school, please make sure it has their name on it as they are often misplaced. No plastic water bottles or sippy cups as they leak and cause a mess.
SUPPLIES AND NEEDED ITEMS- There will be times during the year that we will need special items to help us with a project. We will send a note home or put a note on the lunch cart. If you would like to help us keep a supply of Clorox wipes on hand, feel free to bring a box in. It will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for sharing your children with us. We are eager to nurture each child and their uniqueness. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Mrs. Hull and Miss Brittney