Who are the people in your neighborhood…the people that you meet each day. During February, we will be meeting as many of them as we can. The children will be learning about firefighters, police officers, nurses, mechanics, bakers, and other important community helpers. You never know who might stop by. If you have a fun job that you would like to share, please see us to set up a time for you to talk to the class.


February 4th – 8th is VIM week. This is a fun time for Dads to come and have lunch with their child. The children love it when Dad brings lunch from their favorite restaurant. You can eat in the classroom or go outside on the picnic tables.


Thursday, February 14th will be our class Valentine’s Party. A sign up sheet to help will be on the lunch cart. When you bring your child’s valentines to school, please do not put any names on the envelopes. We have 22 children in our class.


Friday, February 15th  - EARLY RELEASE DAY AT 11:30.  No lunch or Nooncats


Monday, February 18th - THERE IS NO SCHOOL for President’s Day

We will be having different set ups in our housekeeping area this month. Post Office, Veterinarian Hospital, Grocery Store, and Beauty Salon.

Finally, we would like you to know how much we enjoyed conferences this year. Having some one on one time with the parents of our students was awesome. Now we know why this class is so special. We hope that we answered all your questions but feel free to contact us any time if you have anything you would like to discuss.


Mrs. Ramp and Mrs. Fricke