We wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with good health and happiness. We look forward to watching our “3/4’s” as they enjoy their friends and learn through new experiences.


We will have fun in the snow (Arizona style), learn about animals and people who live where it is cold and make snowflakes, snowmen/women and ice sculptures. Reading winter-themed stories will add to the adventure. It should be a chilly-silly month.


  • Wednesday, January 9th is Ice Sculpture Day…Please freeze water in an empty yogurt container, butter container, etc. Send your child to school with the frozen container and we will see what we can build.
  • Wednesday, January 9th is also Mitten Day…every child needs to bring a pair of mittens or gloves. PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THEM. We will be using these for games and to keep our hands warm building our ice sculpture
  • Friday, January 18th is for Preschool Conferences. THERE IS NO SCHOOL THAT DAY FOR THE CHILDREN. We will be placing a conference sign-up sheet on the cart. We will have ten minute time slots for each student. If these times don’t work for your schedule, please contact us and we will come up with an alternate time. We have been assessing your children and we should be able to give you a good idea of their progress and any areas of concern. Please keep in mind that they are “3” and our assessments are age appropriate.
  • Monday, January 21st THERE IS NO SCHOOL .



Get ready for the next few months of school. Your children have settled into the daily routine and are ready to soar. You will see big changes in them in the next few months. The future is exciting!