M-F 3’S

                MRS. HULL & MISS BRITTNEY




Tis the season to be busy….and busy our class will be as we learn the tale of the Gingerbread Man and his adventures.  The children will be using their creative abilities by painting, cooking and building.  “Run, run as fast as you can” is the motto of the Gingerbread Man.  Our motto will be “fun, fun as much as we can.”  Our shape this month is an oval and our color is green.  Here is the fun that is ahead for the children in December.


  • Part of the fun is making a “secret gift” for our mommy and daddy. Your children have such giving natures and this is so much fun for them.  We try to help them keep this a secret.  We also tell them they must find a special hiding place for their gift at home.  Bet most of you will know the “secret” before you even open the gift. 
  • Ms. Brady and Ms. Etchebarren will visit our class and will be cooking with your children. There just might be a runaway gingerbread man or two.
  • We will be making Gingerbread houses on Thursday, December 17th. The children will have the chance to decorate their own house to take home.  We will need an assortment of candy, pretzels, marshmallows and icing.  We will also be asking for a few healthy-type snacks to balance the sugar.  Watch for the sign-up sheetJ
  • Friday, December 18th is the last day before Winter Break. We will be watching The Polar Express.  It is an early dismissal day.  There will be no lunch or aftercare.  School ends at 11:30am.  Come early if you would like to beat the rush.  School will resume Monday, January 4th


Once again, we want to let you know what a joy it is to spend these busy days with your children.  They are such a fun loving, kind and inquisitive group and we see them growing in such wondrous ways every day.  We hope you have a wonderful and safe Winter Break!!  Thanks for all your support in 2020 and we look forward to a fabulous 2021.


Mrs. Hull & Miss. Brittney