Benchmark 4’s
October 2019 Newsletter
Dear Parents,
September just flew by! Summer is over and we are finally starting to feel some cooler mornings and nights. We are very excited that Fall is here!!
This month we will focus on “the need for seeds” and many other fall activities. We will plant sunflower seeds, identify parts of a flower and learn how a pumpkin grows. There will also be lots of fun art projects to help decorate our room.
Our alphabet program will continue this month with letters F, G, H, I and J. Please review letter sounds and writing at home. The children love to sing the songs that go along with each letter and we hope they are singing them at home and sharing their day with you! As you can see by our calendar, we will be celebrating our Fall Festival on Wednesday, October 30th. The children can wear their costumes to school – please remember no masks or weapons. Our parade around the school will begin at 9:15 am. Parents are welcome to attend! We will also enjoy a pumpkin patch, fall crafts and snacks. If your child stays for the afternoon, a change of clothes would be helpful.
We appreciate Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Sosa for organizing our Art Masterpiece for September. The projects are beautiful!

Warmest Regards,
Preschool 4’s Teachers