February Newsletter 2019

Ms. Lerma and Mrs. W



Dear Parents,


Our class is leaving the Arctic and heading for some warmer climate. We are headed a little closer to home and will be talking about the Wild West and the desert. Also, this month we will talk about Presidents Day, Arizona’s Birthday and, of course, Valentine’s Day. For a short month there is a lot to do.


The week of February 4th through 8th is V.I.M. week (Very Important Male). All dads, uncles, grandpas or male friends are welcome to have lunch with their Benchmark student. Lunchtime for preschool is 12:00 to 12:30.


February is Dental Month. On February 11th, a dentist will be visiting with us to teach us all about how to keep our teeth healthy.


On Thursday, February 14th we will be having our class party. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to stop in. Please make sure your child brings in enough valentines for 25 students. We ask that your child sign their name on the valentines and do not label them with each classmate’s name. This makes it easier when they hand them out.


On February 20th, Mr. Whitaker (Liberty’s dad) will be bringing his police dogs and doing a demonstration with them. If your child has a fear of dogs, please let us know so we can make sure to keep them closer to us.


On Monday, February 25th, we will end our unit with a “Cowboy Cookout”. This is a joint project with the 4’s classes. There is no need for parent helpers for this activity since we will be doing this during our snack and PE time. We ask that you send your child in their best cowboy or cowgirl wear that day.


Dates to Remember:

February 4th-8th – VIM Week

February 14th - Valentine’s Day Party

February 15th - Early Dismissal

February 18th - No school (Presidents Day)

February 11th – Dentist Visit

February 20th - Police Dog

February 25th - Dress up as cowboy/cowgirl for cookout



Ms. Lerma and Mrs. W