Dear Preschool Parents,

You will be receiving a postcard in the mail the week of August 6th to bring your child for a scheduled visit to the classroom. We do this instead of the nighttime “Meet Your Teacher”. Please watch for this card to arrive no later than Friday, August 10th. Please call the office if you do not receive your postcard and Miss Katy will be happy to tell you your scheduled visit time. School will begin on August 15th at 9:00 and end at 12:00 pm. Lunch will not be eaten at school unless your child stays for Nooncats. Have a happy and safe summer.

Supplies your child will need:

  1. Full size backpack (labeled)
  2. Water bottle (labeled)
  3. Soft side lunch box if your child will be staying for Nooncats.
  4. Ziploc bag labeled with a change of clothes