Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Coates


Dear Parents,


January just flew by! We really enjoyed getting back to learning our alphabet songs and participating in our arctic experience. We were fortunate to have a month that cooperated with our January theme!


We will be busy in February! We will, of course, continue with our alphabet progression with letters Qq, Rr, Ss and Tt. Our theme this month will be The Wild West --- our desert in particular . We will also focus on Arizona’s birthday, President’s Day and the all important Dental Health Day! On Monday, February 28th, we will be having a "Cowboy Cookout". No volunteers are needed for this event. It is a joint project between the 4's classes during snack time, so your children will still need to bring their lunch. Please send your children to school dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl (no toy weapons of any kind will be permitted!!!)


In regards to our Valentine’s Day celebration; we have found that it works best if each child provides 26 valentines with NO NAMES on the front and their own name signed on the inside. This helps with the ease of passing them out the day of the exchange. Please have your child bring their already signed cards on Wednesday, February 14th. We will be crafting our own Valentine collection container in class, so no box is needed. Please note that this will be a joint Valentine's Day celebration and Arizona birthday celebration. Mrs. Coates and I will plan the party, but would love to have five or six volunteers to help us run the stations. A list of items needed to make this event a success will be on the cart shortly. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Dates to remember:

         February 5-9   VIM Week

          February 14   Valentine's Day Party

         February 16     Early Dismissal

         February 19    No School

          February 26     Dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl!


Warmest Regards,


Mrs. Harmon & Mrs. Coates