Benchmark Preschool

January 2019

Mrs. Coates & Mrs. Hull


Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season!


Mrs. Hull and I had a wonderful break, but after 2 weeks we find ourselves missing our young Bobcats and our daily slice of life that we share with them. We are anxious to get busy filling our new year with discovery and learning.


This month we will continue learning our alphabet songs for letters Nn, Mm, Pp and Qq. We will also fill our month with all that is Arctic; snow, mittens, penguins and polar bears, just to name a few. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the January calendar. It is packed with fun and activities!


On Friday, January 18th, there will be no preschool classes because of Parent Conference Day. You will receive your child’s evaluation report prior to this day so that you may look it over and decide if you have any questions. A sign-up sheet of conference times will be posted on the lunch cart outside the door on January 8th. We will have a couple of other options before Friday, January 18th, to choose from to accommodate everyone that would like to attend. We talk to many of you on a daily basis, so if you are satisfied with your child’s report and have no further questions, please don’t feel that you are required to attend.


Last, but certainly not least, a generous "thank you" to Laura Marr for planning our holiday celebration. The children had a wonderful time! The snacks and activities were well thought out and beautifully done. Thanks to all the parents that participated. Mrs. Hull and I consider ourselves so lucky to have such a wonderful group of parents!


In closing, we are confident that 2019 will continue to bring excitement, knowledge and the love of learning to your children’s lives!!


Warmest Regards,


Mrs. Coates & Mrs. Hull



Dates to Remember:


Friday, Jan. 19th         No Preschool / Conferences                                     

Monday, Jan 21st        No School