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Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum
The following is a list of some of the music curriculum we’ll be covering in your child’s musical career at Benchmark (topics will vary based on your child’s grade):
  • Through active participation (singing, clapping hands, playing instruments), your child will become familiar with basic elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, etc.
  • We will learn rhythm and recognize steady beat, accents, and play and/or sing a simple rhythm pattern
  • We will learn to read music and notation; musical notes, scales as a series of notes, names of lines and spaces in the treble and/or bass clefs, meter signatures, etc.
  • Discriminate between fast and slow and music terminology for tempo
  • Discriminate between differences in pitch: high and low
  • Discriminate between loud and quiet; gradually increasing and decreasing volume along with music terminology for all.
  • Hum and or sing a melody with music
  • Echo short rhythms and melodic patterns
  • We will learn how to sing accompanied, unaccompanied and in unison. Upper grades will learn simple harmonies and sing in rounds.
  • We will learn how to take care of our voices. We will practice exercises to bring out the very best in our voices.
  • We will learn songs and choreography and will learn to perform to the very best of our ability!
  • We will learn all about the orchestra and families of instruments
  • We will learn about famous composers and their music.
  • We will learn how to square dance for this year’s Chili Cook Off in February – yee haw!