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Dress Code

Benchmark Elementary School recognizes that student dress and grooming are generally a matter of personal choice. However, Benchmark Elementary School also recognizes that there is a relationship between student dress and grooming, and such things as school pride, self-esteem, the safety and general welfare of the students and staff and the accomplishment of curriculum goals and educational objectives. The standards for elementary school dress reflect “common sense” and a concern for each child’s comfort, safety, cleanliness, and sense of modesty.
Benchmark Elementary School dress standards prohibit student dress and /or grooming as listed below:
  • Footwear should ensure the safety of students during regular school activities. Closed shoes are to be worn on campus at all times.
  • Being shoeless or wearing flip-flops on campus (by students) is prohibited.
  • Platform shoes should not increase a student’s height by more than one inch.
  • Heelies, rollerblades, bicycles or skateboards are prohibited.
  • Student clothing should be appropriate for an educational environment and should not distract from learning.
  • Pants will not be worn in a fashion that prevents students from full and active participation in physical education and other regular school activities.
  • A belt of appropriate length will be worn to hold the pants to within one inch of the waistline.
  • Pants must fit at the natural waistline without a belt. Undergarments may not show.
  • The hem of shorts (no less than a 4” inseam) and skirts must be long enough to touch the end of the middle finger when arms are resting at body's side.
  • Length and size of pants cannot compromise safety. No oversized baggy or saggy pants are allowed.
  • “Short shorts”, mini skirts, and spandex are prohibited.
  • Clothing that displays obscene language or symbols are prohibited.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs will not be displayed. Messages or pictures depicting vulgar or discriminatory inferences or messages (implied or stated) unacceptable to the general school population will not be acceptable.
  • Shirts that show the chest area are not acceptable. The midriff of students will be covered at all times. Halters are unacceptable. "Immodest" will be determined by the administration and the teachers.
  • Tube tops and spaghetti straps must have T-shirts underneath.
  • Any attire related to negative group behavior (gangs, etc.) will not be permitted.
  • Earrings and other jewelry are permitted unless deemed unsafe such as lip rings, eyebrow rings, nose rings and hoop or dangling earrings.
  • Spikes, chains and wallet chains are prohibited.
  • Hats are considered outdoor gear.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the school building and if worn outside the bill must face forward.
  • Hats are not to be exchanged with other students for health safety.
  • Makeup is not appropriate for children. No makeup/cosmetics may be brought to school.
  • Hair is not to be of distracting colors (green, purple, pink, orange, etc.) unless it is for a special event being held by the school.
  • Students’ hair will be well groomed and shall not be unusually spiked. No Mohawk haircuts are allowed.
  • No telephones, laser pens, or electronic devices of any kind such as Ipads/Ipods/Kindles or Nooks are allowed.
  • Other fashion items or trends, which might create disruptions, may also be limited at the school’s discretion.
Any educational distraction due to dress will be addressed on an individual basis. If a student is found in violation of the dress code policy, an effort to notify a parent to bring a change of attire will be made. With parent and school working together to promote the best learning environment possible for the students there is only room for their educational success.
Thank you for your cooperation and help in the implementation of this dress code.