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Discipline Policy

Benchmark School uses "Discipline without Stress" by Dr. Marvin Marshall as it's core discipline program. Dr. Marshall feels that young people today do not demonstrate the level of responsibility necessary to continue our civil democracy. Encouragement of appropriate behavior rather than competition, comparison, or criticism is the objective. In problem situations, redirection, anticipation of and elimination of potential problems will be the goal.
The  "Top Twenty Teachers" character education program works hand in hand with "Discipline without Stress".  The Top Twenty teacher celebrates the power teachers have to develop the potential in students to be successful in school and everyday life.
Young children develop optimally through close, affectionate relationships with other people. Benchmark staff will encourage developmentally appropriate independence in children. This independence is important and develops gradually with successful practice. The staff will use positive techniques of guidance. Limits are set for all children and are accompanied by rational explanations of expectations.
Teachers will be clear and consistent with the children always discussing situations to make sure they understand and they will encourage the children's evaluation of the problem rather than impose a solution. The expectation will be to help children recognize another child's feelings in different situations. Benchmark will never condone the use of corporal punishment or humiliation as a discipline device.
Benchmark School has a Zero Tolerance policy. Benchmark is committed to providing a safe and productive environment to insure that everyone is afforded the opportunity to attend school free of implied or demonstrated physical or verbal abuse from another child. It is our belief that no one should be afraid to attend school.