School Policies » Expectations/Guidelines


A Benchmark Student Is Expected to Display The Following Qualities:
Pursuit of Excellence
This Code of Student Conduct creates a safe learning environment to ensure academic success. If this objective is to be accomplished, it is necessary that the school environment be a safe and supportive community. A positive school climate supports academic achievement and promotes fairness, civility, acceptance of diversity, and mutual respect.
All students are valuable and can make worthy contributions to society.
• All students are responsible and accountable for their choices and decisions.
• In order to grow and thrive, individuals need caring relationships and a nurturing
• Supportive family relationships are the foundation of the community.
• High expectations lead to higher performance that empower individuals and
strengthen society.
• Continuous learning is a lifelong process that is essential to a productive and
enriched life.
Playground Rules
• No running in courtyard
• No playing kickball in courtyard
• Do not talk to strangers outside of school fencing
• Do not pet animals outside of fencing
• Do not crawl under fencing
• Do not jump from swings
• Do not climb up swings
• Do not stand on swings
• No twisting the swings
• No throwing the swings over the top bar
• Do not jump on space ball
• Do not swing from space ball ( You should be on net at all times)
• Do not stand on the top of space ball
• Do not throw rocks
• Do not throw anything directly into someone’s face
• Stay away from ant hills
• Do not pull on trees and bushes
• Do not pull or step on sprinkler system
• Do not throw anything over the fence
• Do not climb on tables
• Do not climb on fencing
• Do not climb on roof
• Do not bounce balls against the building
• Do not hang from basketball hoops
• Do not throw garbage on the campus
• Do not chase friends that do not want to be chased
• No tackle football
• If it looks like fighting “It Is” and is not allowed
• No teasing classmates
• Keep your hands to yourself
• Give all classmates their space
• Play games fairly
• Do not play in the bathrooms
• Ask permission to leave the playground
• If a student needs something from the office send one friend not the whole class
• No student should be in hallways or classrooms during assigned recess times
• No Digging in the sod
• No throwing sand (on preschool playground)
• No throwing of wood chips (on preschool playground)
• Clean up field of all balls and equipment at end of Lunch Recess at 1:00 (4th – 6th grades)