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Benchmark Students Are...

Hard Working
A positive school climate supports academic achievement and promotes fairness, civility, acceptance of diversity, and mutual respect.
All students are valuable and can make worthy contributions to society.
• All students are responsible and accountable for their choices and decisions.
• In order to grow and thrive, individuals need caring relationships and a nurturing
• Supportive family relationships are the foundation of the community.
• High expectations lead to higher performance that empower individuals and
strengthen society.
• Continuous learning is a lifelong process that is essential to a productive and
enriched life.
Playground Expectations
Be respectful and kind.
Take turns.
Follow the rules decided upon by the group.
Seek help from an adult if you get hurt.
Use polite words.
Line up when whistle blows- do not continue playing.
So everyone is safe on the playground Benchmark do not...
  • throw rocks
  • jump off swings
  • run/walk in front of swings
  • jump off Space Ball
  • throw balls against building
  • play tackle sports
  • throw litter on the ground