Principal's Bulletin - August 27, 2023

Benchmark Parents Bulletin


An educated mind is a well-trained mind, and there are few things in life more consequential than to send our young people into this world with an educated mind (not to be confused with a litany of college degrees).  Enter, traditional scholastics …


The core academics are the tools historically employed to produce an educated mind.  Math teaches kids how to think logically while science teaches them how to think critically.  History teaches kids how to think contextually while language teaches them how to communicate their thoughts effectively.  And reading lets kids think other people’s thoughts after them! 


These “thinking disciplines,” when done well and done right, produce an educated mind with all that that means, and it means a lot. It is a very deep ocean that we’ll never get to the bottom of, but at least we can go deeper than where human nature and culture typically go.


Which brings us to our new advanced writing course here at Benchmark.  Dubbed The Inklings and led by our new mastery writing teacher, Rebecca Scarpino, this class will explore creative writing through a robust curriculum, challenging expectations and a rigorous workload, in turn fostering a deeper dive into grammar, spelling and a budding young writer’s fertile imagination. 


The Inklings moniker is an homage to a group of writers who once gathered to exchange ideas and discuss their own writings in the halls of Oxford University.  This select group of creative minds represented some of the world’s greatest thinkers and literary geniuses, including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, both of whom touched countless generations. Students in this program will be inspired to do the same as they create their own original works throughout the year. 


Security Priority

Your Security Task Force (STF) continues to secure quotes for best glass-security options and security cameras as well as delegating and prioritizing items from the growing security checklist.

Also, Wendy Serio, from PTO, is now on the STF and will provide a helpful bridge between the two entities.  Thanks to Wendy for her ever-selfless service and to the STF for all their work!    



Reminder:  Benchmark shirts are required for all students on field trips (parents are optional but encouraged to participate), so please sign up for your PTO membership now to get your children’s shirts.  The deadline is August 31st.


While in the Membership Toolkit, please also take a look at volunteer opportunities.  Maybe you will find a community that fits your talents.


Upcoming Dates To Note

  • August 30th – K-3 Curriculum Night/August 31st – PS/4-6 Curriculum Night
  • September 1st – All School Release (11:30)/September 4th – Labor Day (No School)
  • September 11th – Flag Raising Ceremony 
  • September 15th – Benchmark Night at Chase Field: The Diamondbacks/Cubs Game

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