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School Records Release Policy


Once a request is received by Benchmark School for issuance of student records the office staff must deliver the requested records within 10 days by Arizona Law (15-828). The first step is to date the request upon receipt. Next, a check with the Exceptional Student Services department is required to determine if they also have records that need to be included. When records are sent to another school the student must be withdrawn from Benchmark’s student roles at the time of the request to avoid duplicate school enrollment (concurrency). If the request is made near the end of the year for the next school year the student is to be removed from the next school year roles and will then be part of a summer withdrawal process.



Notice to Destroy


Benchmark Elementary School will destroy all special education records that are older than 4 fiscal years. Before these records are destroyed, parents and/or eligible students have the right to review the records and obtain copies of any information needed. Please call the school at 602-765-3582 and ask for E.S.S. Services to obtain copies before destruction.

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