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About Our Preschool

What Makes Our Preschool Different?
Choosing the right early childhood program for your child is an important decision, and it is essential to understand the distinctions between our preschool program at Benchmark and a daycare center. 
Our preschool program focuses on preparing your child for schooling by providing structured learning experiences in a classroom setting. We emphasize early academic skills, socialization, and school readiness. Our engaging classrooms feature a variety of learning centers, complemented by exciting specials in PE, Music, and a dedicated Science Lab. With a focus on fine motor development and a commitment to fostering growth, both intellectual and emotional, our preschool program provides a vibrant and supportive environment where children can thrive and discover the joy of learning.
Before & After School Care
Morning Care Nooncats
  • 7am-9am
  • This is an optional morning program; it includes outside playtime and a variety of activities. 
  • If an elementary student has a sibling in preschool there is NO CHARGE for morning care starting at 8:00am.
  • 12pm-3pm
  • This is an optional afternoon program that encourages students to take part in activities that they didn’t have time for in their morning class. They provide fun activities in an enjoyable classroom setting where the students can extend their learning to improve or enhance skills and knowledge.
After-school care is available from 3pm-5pm for an additional fee.
*Please see the 'Fee Schedule' page to the right for pricing information. *