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Parents play a crucial role in fostering a thriving and vibrant elementary school community at Benchmark, contributing to academic, social, and emotional growth. Their involvement, from volunteering in classrooms to participating in school events, shapes the school's success. Engaging in meaningful communication with teachers and administrators, parents provide valuable insights and support, ensuring their child's educational journey is enriched.
Beyond formal involvement, parents reinforce learning at home, support homework assignments, and instill a positive attitude towards education. Serving as role models, they demonstrate the importance of respect and community involvement, fostering a supportive environment where every child can reach their full potential. Through open communication and collaboration, the partnership between parents, educators, and students at Benchmark empowers students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.
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Ways to Get Involved
The purpose of the PTO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Benchmark Elementary and Preschool, by developing a closer connection between home and school. We do this by encouraging parental involvement and improving the environment at the school through volunteer and financial support. As a charter school, Benchmark receives less funding than public schools, making your support for the PTO and its fundraisers even more important.  Our PTO is committed to fostering a supportive, creative, and successful environment within Benchmark and raising funds for various activities. 
We cannot do this without the support of the Benchmark community, and we want to encourage you to get involved! Volunteer opportunities are always available via the Benchmark Blast newsletter or the membership toolkit site under Parent Communication. We encourage all families to volunteer at least 10 hours per year. 
We will hold virtual monthly meetings regarding current and upcoming events, fundraising efforts, PTO budget, and goals.
Volunteering is a part of a parent’s commitment to send their child to Benchmark School. We ask that all families volunteer ten hours this school year (relatives can volunteer too)! 
There are a broad range of activities at school so that every parent can find an opportunity that fits his/her schedule and interests. Parents can volunteer at various times during the day, at school or from home, with a group or independently, on a regular basis or for a special event.
If you (or a relative) do volunteer for an event or during the school day, please sign in at the front. Please arrange all volunteering with the school/teacher in advance.
*All volunteers are required to have an Adult Chaperone and Volunteer Agreement & copy of current driver's license in the office. All volunteers must have a fingerprint clearance card on file.*