4 Ways Character Matters at Benchmark School

The real goal of education is intelligence plus character.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

At Benchmark School, we are known for excellent academics - including phonics-based literacy, Core Knowledge curriculum, and Singapore Math. But ask any of our teachers and they’ll tell you that those topics are only part of what makes our K-6 school exceptional. Benchmark School's comprehensive whole-child approach fosters both academic excellence and nurtures intellectual growth in all our students. How do we do it? Here are four ways!


1. Connecting to the World

Today’s children will grow up to become our future leaders. The knowledge and skills required to navigate our interconnected planet grow more complex every day, but U.S. schools often focus almost entirely on academics. At Benchmark School, we nurture the values of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and civic virtue both inside and outside of our classrooms. We are committed to helping young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.


Our Core Virtues curriculum uses high quality children’s literature to inspire students to do and be their best, with character education tools that they can apply to their lives every day. Each month our teachers highlight a key virtue – such as respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, or perseverance - and a simple application to help focus on developing internal competencies in order to influence outward behaviors. Our students learn that cultivating internal virtues can lead to positive changes in the world around them.


2. Caring for Others

Benchmark’s unique Science Lab houses 80 species of animals, insects and reptiles. It’s a great place for students to develop empathy for the small creatures of our world and responsibility for their caretaking role. Students of all ages learn to feed and care for the animals during the school week, and learners looking for extra time in the lab can choose to attend an after-school Animal Club or summer Science Lab Camp. From feeding a mouse to learning about insect life cycles, our students access unique, hands-on ways to connect and care.


3. Patriotic Pride

Patriotism is a core value at Benchmark School. We believe that when students learn about the values of our country it can positively affect their sense of belonging and identity, and motivate them to work together respectfully. Benchmark students celebrate Veterans Day, participate in school flag raising, and participate in off-campus service learning activities. We also rigorously and interactively study American history in all grades; this includes reenactments of the Boston Tea Party, an annual school-wide Pioneer Day, student-led projects exploring the Revolutionary War, and more.  

4. Partnering with Parents

Family is a child’s primary model of values, and we partner with caregivers and parents to reinforce character education lessons at home. From reading Core Virtues curriculum book selections together; to talking about the Core Virtue of the Month; to simply modeling values of fairness, kindness and responsibility; families are an integral part of character development in children. Together, we are inspiring Benchmark School students to make sound choices that create a better world! 


Benchmark School’s whole-child approach infuses top quality academics with effective character education. Are you interested in learning more about how Benchmark can be a fit for your child? Contact us and enroll today for Preschool and Grades K-6.


About Benchmark School

Benchmark School is a Preschool and Elementary School serving students in the Phoenix, AZ area. Benchmark offers tuition-free half-day K-6th grades, and tuition-based options for PreK and full-day K. Our foundational approach to academics inspires knowledge and develops character. Students are supported by a tight-knit community of caring teachers and staff and engaged families. Join Benchmark School today! Enrolling now for Preschool and Grades K-6.