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Testing Information

Students in grades 3-6 participate in AZM2 Spring Testing. Students are tested in language (writing, mechanics, reading comprehension, and math. Students in grade 5 also test in Science.
Additional Information:
  • Scale: National Percentile Ranks (NPR’s) show how students compare to a group of their peers nationally. For example, an NPR of 45 means that students at this school scored as well or better than 45% of students who took the same test. Be sure to look at how your school’s scores compare to the national average of 50.
What do these results mean for your school?
  • A slight rise or decline in a school’s test scores in a single year doesn’t always indicate a major change in your school’s quality. If the decline or improvement continues for several years, then your school may be changing in a more significant way.
  • Although a test like the Stanford 9 is just one measure of student learning, a major decline in scores can be a cause for concern. If your school’s scores have fallen by 5 or more percentile points each year, you may want to ask your teacher or school principal about how the school is working to raise student achievement.
How do my child’s scores compare to scores of classmates at the same school?
  • has a feature called My Star Student that helps you answer this question in a few quick steps. It’s free, easy and completely private. If you’ve got your child’s score report handy, go to the following Web page: