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Summer Camps 2024

Summer Music Camp with Mrs. Nyland
The summer music program offers exciting sessions like Music All Stars, Camp Bravo, On Broadway, and Curtain Call, providing incoming 2nd to 6th graders with a range of musical experiences from instrumental excellence to theatrical performance opportunities.
Art Studio Summer Camp with Ms. York
The summer art studio program for incoming 3rd to freshly graduated 6th graders offers a dynamic and hands-on creative experience, exploring various art mediums and techniques. Students will engage in projects that inspire artistic expression, critical thinking, and collaboration, fostering a deeper appreciation for the visual arts.
Wonder Feet Summer Camp with Mrs. Perry
The PE summer camp program for incoming 1st graders through 3rd grade focuses on promoting physical activity, teamwork, and healthy habits through a variety of fun and engaging games, sports, and exercises. Children will have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, build confidence, and make new friends in an active and supportive environment.
Science Lab Summer Camp with Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Rheinfelder
The science lab summer camp program offers hands-on animal time, interactive learning, and STEM activities tailored for incoming first graders through 6th grade graduates. Students will explore various scientific concepts, animal exploration, and engage in inquiry-based learning to spark curiosity and excitement about the wonders of science.
Crafty Campers Summer Camp with Ms. Lerma
The Crafty Campers summer camp program is designed for incoming preschool 3's through incoming kindergarteners, offering a creative and hands-on experience with arts and crafts, music, and outdoor exploration. Children will have the opportunity to be creative, develop fine motor skills, and foster social interactions in a playful and nurturing environment.
Summer Fun Academic Review Camp with the First Grade Team
The Summer Fun Academic Review Camp program for kindergarten through second grade offers a blend of engaging activities including LEGO building, writing workshops, math challenges, hands-on science experiments, creative crafts, and interactive games. Children will reinforce academic skills, foster creativity, and have fun while learning in a dynamic and supportive environment.
Summer Fun Camp with the Kindergarten Team
The Summer Fun Camp program for kindergarten through second grade offers themed sessions such as Space Week, Dinosaur Week, Pirate Week, and Olympics Week, providing exciting and educational experiences including hands-on activities, games, crafts, and themed adventures tailored to each week's theme. 
Extended Day Summer Camp
The Extended Day Summer Camp program from 12-3pm with Mrs. Hull offers an afternoon of entertaining and engaging activities including games, Legos, building, movies, coloring, and water play, providing children with a fun and enriching summer experience beyond regular camp hours.
Summer Writing Camp with Mrs. Scarpino
Get ready for adventure! This camp is for rising 4th through 6th graders. This summer, journey into the timeless realms of traditional mythology and classical children's fairy tales. From fantastical creatures to heroic feats, campers will learn the art of storytelling and explore cultural narratives, while building better writing skills. Pack your summer with games, stories, and activities filled with imagination and inspiration!
Braided Babes Boutique with Ms. York
Step into a world of beauty and style at Braided Babes Boutique! Join us for a day of pampering where you can indulge in manicures, pedicures, intricate hair braiding, and stunning makeup transformations. Treat yourself to a day of glamour and fun! Open to all K-6th graders. Sign up here: