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All About the Library

Welcome to the Benchmark Library!
At Benchmark, students visit the library once a week their during reading or writing rotation. Students are introduced to new series as well as classic titles. The library contains over 13,000 volumes of non-fiction and fiction works for Kindergarten through 6th grade.

How many books can a student check out?
Kindergarten = 1 book at a time
1st grade = 2 books at a time
2nd – 6th = 3 books at a time
Books must be returned weekly.
Students may renew most books;
however the book must be brought into the library for renewal.
If a student has not returned a book for over a month, a notice will be sent home as a reminder. Students that have extreme outstanding library books at the end of each quarter, Report Cards will be held until the Library account is settled.

We Love Volunteers!
The library cannot run smoothly without volunteers! Please consider becoming a regular weekly library assistant. One day a week, just a few hours = endless rewards for you and the students! Volunteers do not need to have extensive knowledge of children’s literature. What we need most is someone who can check in/out books while the librarian helps students find the titles they would like to read. Some re-shelving books and tagging new books may be involved. We are happy to train – it’s easy as pie to pick up and it’s the best volunteer job at the school!

Library Wish List
The library is always looking for new or gently used books. If your student has outgrown a series or favorite title please feel free to donate it to the library. If we can’t use the book(s) we will trade or sell the titles so that we can purchase books that we do need. Please drop books off your donations on Tuesday or Thursday mornings before school.