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Science Lab News

Welcome to the Science Lab! Mrs. Rheinfelder and Mr. Kyle are so excited to see everyone this year. 

The Science Lab is a Specials Class that is offered to all grade levels, including preschool, once per week. We are dedicated to teaching the Scientific Method through hands-on play, exploration, and Scientific experimentation. We are not a substitute for Science curriculum, as the Science Standards are very thoroughly covered in the grade level classrooms. We are an additional opportunity for Science so every child can develop a strong Science vocabulary, and a consistent Scientific methodology for their everyday questions about how their world works.


We have a 3 year rotating curriculum covering all the major Sciences, so each child will receive each subject at least twice during their Benchmark experience, at depths appropriate for their current grade level. We do not provide grades for this experience. Our goal is to have the children absorb the Scientific Method and vocabulary in a relaxed, fun environment, so that children of all ability levels leave the Science Lab with a love for learning, the questioning process, and the hunt for mysterious answers! 


If you visit the Science Lab you will notice we have a large collection of fun animals! Interaction with the animals is limited to the last 10 minutes of Science Lab, after the experiment for the day is complete. We love helping children develop empathy for the small creatures of our world, through learning to feed and care for the animals in our lab. 


Finally, we also provide an after school program called "Animal Club" on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and a summer program called "Science Lab Summer Camp". Watch for flyers in mid August and December for Animal Club. 


Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Mrs. Rheinfelder & Mr. Kyle