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Dress Code

Benchmark Elementary School recognizes student dress and grooming are a matter of personal choice. The dress code for Benchmark School reflects a concern for each child’s comfort, safety, and cleanliness.


Benchmark Elementary School dress code prohibits students from the following when on school property:



·        Shoeless

·        Flip-flops

·        Shoes without a back strap

·        Heelies

·        Platform shoes

·        High heels


·        Wearing hats inside buildings on campus

·        Hoop/dangling earrings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, and lip rings (safety reasons)

·        Sharing of hats and other headgear

·        Hair that is not groomed

·        Hair that covers the eyes. Long hair should be pulled up or clipped back.

·        Hats that display obscene language, symbols, tobacco, alcohol and/or drugs.


·        Wearing halter, tube, crop, shear tops, or thin strapped tank tops without an under layer that provides proper coverage- midsection must be covered.

·        Tank tops straps that are less than two finger width.

·        Athletic tank tops, where side of abdomen is showing.

·        Clothing that displays obscene language, symbols, tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs.


·        Smart watches, ipads/ipods, ereaders, phones. (Phones must be turned into the front office for the day.)




·        Pants/shorts that are worn in a fashion that prevents students from participating in full and active participation in regular school activities.

·        Short shorts or short miniskirts/dresses: (Bottom hem of shorts must have an inseam of 4 inches or longer. Old Navy has shorts of this length. Short skirts, shorter than finger tips must have shorts worn under.)

·        Spikes, chains, or wallet chains.






Any educational distraction due to dress will be addressed on an individual basis. If a student is found in violation of the dress code policy, parents will be contacted to bring a change of attire.