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Welcome back! 
Makers are making in Makerspace. They were introduced to the engineering design process and put the process to work with a whole group teamwork project: building the tallest tower possible using cardboard boxes. The constrains: it must stay standing and one person adds a box at a time.
  • 6A built the tallest tower measuring 8'1", just 11' shy of the ceiling.
  • KB built a tower as tall as Ms. Tiffany at 5'3".
  • 6B iterated three times and were able to increase the height of their tower by almost a foot. 

Stay tuned for exciting updates on this year's activities including making musical instruments, creating our own planets, problem-solving for clean water, and STEAM Fest. 

Ms. Krause & Ms. Tiffany 

Makerspace was envisioned and brought to life by Ms. Krause in 2018. Thank you to the wonderful families who helped make it come alive and for the ongoing support of the board and PTO. We appreciate you!