Hi! My name is Heather Rheinfelder. I have lived in Arizona since I was 8 years old. I graduated from Chaparral High School, and received both my Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees at the University of Arizona. After college I practiced Clinical Audiology (Hearing Science) for 10 years in Salem, Oregon, before returning to Arizona to be closer to my family. I then spent 10 years teaching Anatomy & Physiology at Phoenix College. When my children were at Benchmark, I came to visit their classrooms every year as a special guest science instructor. I always had such a great time with the kids when I came to visit! I finally asked if I could come to Benchmark to teach full time! I am thrilled to be starting my 8th year at Benchmark, and am truly looking forward to an awesome year of exploring the process of scientific discovery with the kids!

Recent Posts

Electric Circuits (Jan 28-Feb 1)

This week was all about electric circuits. The children explored 3 different stations. The first station they examined which materials are conductors and which materials are insulators. At the second station they built their own electromagnets by winding copper wire around a nail and hooking it up to a battery. The final station was lemon batteries! They explored the voltage created by a lemon, penny, and nail; then experimented with different numbers of pennies and nails and measured the change in voltage with a voltmeter.

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Jan 21-25)

This week we discussed all the different wavelengths of light. We experimented with prisms and the refraction of white light into rainbows! We examined the Tortise Habitat with magnifying glasses. And finally, we played a game with lasers to see who could bounce a laser beam and a white flashlight off the most mirrors to hit a target! Fifth grade used the most mirrors.....8!