Makerspace » 2024 STEAM Festival

2024 STEAM Festival

Wed., Feb. 28th 3:15pm-5 pmBenchmark School courtyard & classrooms 

🚀🔍 It's all about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)!  🎉🚂 

  • Experience the thrill of Ability 360's Phoenix Wheelchair Suns & Mercury team as the court becomes a stage for boundless talent and determination.
  • Fuel your appetite with JPs Hot Dogs & Kona Ice.
  • Engineering for Kids
  • Precision meets design at the laser cutout station with PVCC.
  • Tap your toes and join in the rhythm of Show Choir's Jump Rope Rock.
  • Snakey Tea Candles
  • Unleash your inner engineer at the take apart table.
  • Code a bot with Ms. Seifert.
  • The Lego pit knows no bounds as design challenges get you thinking brick by brick. 
  • Designs dance as 3D pens bring your ideas to life.
  • and more to come! 
Win Benchmark swag or Makerspace Innovation Time by guessing the number of Legos in a jar or completing Tic-Tac-Tow STEAM. Visit the welcome table to enter.